Working Moms: TSS Photography Franchisees Tell All

Rachel Sherman's son at 16 helping shoot photography
Rachel Sherman’s 16-year-old son helps out during a sports photography shoot.

Our love for our moms inspired us to talk to two TSS Photography franchisees, who just happen to be moms. These moms wipe tears, swat hands away from cookie jars, push their kids to succeed, and work hard to protect them–all while maintaining their own businesses.

Meet Saundra and Rachel

Like 74.6 million other women, these two women are part of the American workforce. It’s incredible to think that 47 percent of the U.S. workforce is made up of women. In fact, 70 percent of women with children under the age of 18 work, with 75 percent of those women working full time.

When we started talking with Rachel Sherman and Saundra Banning, we immediately learned interesting facts. While Saundra lives in Illinois and Rachel is in Florida, it’s doesn’t take long before you realize they are both dedicated business owners with a passion for what they do and for their kids.

In fact, we asked each of these women the same questions and you can see for yourself how they answered.

How Did You Get Involved with TSS Photography?

Saundra: I was a stay-at-home mom with four kids. We went to a LOT of picture days. While we were at one of the picture days, I was thinking about what the job would entail, and I told the owner that I would love to help with his business.

He called me a week later and I began to work for him in his office.

Rachel: I first got involved with TSS Photography about 25 years ago. I was going to college for a degree in photography and I saw an ad looking for a part-time photographer in the area. I started working for the previous franchise owner. When the job started out, I was working strictly as a photographer, working with the sports teams. Before long I was helping in the office.

What Happened to Draw You Further into the Franchise?

Saundra: When my boss and his wife were ready to sell the business, my kids were school age and I purchased it. I purchased the business in 2008–this year is my 10th anniversary of owning the business. With my business degree, business ownership appealed to me. I loved kids and being able to work with them and their parents–it really worked well.

Rachel: I continued to do more and more with the business and about 10 years ago I bought into the company as a partner.

What’s It Like Being a Mother While Owning This Business?

Saundra: I enjoyed the job and it allowed me the flexibility to pick up the kids from school or go to their games. I was a mom from the beginning and that was important to me. As much as I loved being a stay-at-home mom, which I guess I still am since my office is at home, I love what I’m doing now.

It did my kids good seeing their mom at work since it’s hard to see what work means when they can’t see it getting done. It’s great when your kids see how hard you work to pay for a vacation–they see me staying up until midnight to get orders filled or preparing for the next day. My kids have had the opportunity to be involved in every aspect of my business from carrying stuff to counting money–even helping with photos on picture day.

Rachel: I didn’t have kids when I started working with TSS Photography in college. As I got older and my life changed, it was nice to be able to have the availability. If I get my stuff done, I am able to come and go as I please. It is a huge benefit and a lot of what I like about my job. I wanted to be able to take my kids to the dentist and show up to soccer and lacrosse.

Photos with Rachel Sherman's kids
Left: Rachel Sherman’s kids and their friends enjoy bring your kid to work day. Right: Sherman’s daughter helps pose a student during at a school portrait shoot.

What Would You Tell Someone Who is Interested in Owning a TSS Franchise?

Saundra: There are a ton of wonderful things about working with Candid Color and TSS Photography. It really is like working with family. We borrow equipment from each other, help each other when there’s sickness, and stay up late answering questions when someone needs help.

Before I bought the business, I was a leader with a mom’s group at my church and I could continue in a support role there. Also, I volunteer and work in a support role with the school and the kids’ classes. One of the beauties of this job is that you can be passionate about your work as well as other important aspects of your life.

Rachel: I like to stay busy, it’s not fun when I’m standing around waiting and so I love to do the portraits at schools. The work swamps us, but it’s fun staying that busy. I love the events when we print on site for elementary school dances–we stay swamped and there’s no standing around.

I sort of grew up with the development of my territory, and while it might be hard for someone new to come in and be a part of this, it’s worth it. Everything is involved in this business from sales to staffing, there are so many avenues for you to explore and find a passion. Each experience is different and nothing is set in stone, I like that.

Build a Franchise Your Way

One of the wonderful things about owning a business is that you have the freedom to run it the way you want. Both Rachel and Saundra get to live their life the way they want to because of their choice to take a chance at running a TSS Photography Franchise.

If you haven’t had enough exposure to talented and driven moms, check out this blog about another TSS Photography franchisee and mom. When you’re ready to learn more about how you can take control of your life and run your own photography franchise, don’t hesitate to contact us.