Tech Talk: A Peek into the TSS Photography Equipment Bag

Blue backdrop and equipment bag set up in a theater for a photography shoot by TSS Photography

The lights flash and the shutter clicks. An adjustment of the lens, a shift in focus, and it all comes together. The work of the photographer is displayed by these perfectly captured moments. As the photographer reaches into her equipment bag and pulls out a new memory card, the prep work completed before the shoot is evident.

The snap of the photograph is just the tip of the iceberg when a photographer prepares for a photo shoot. With the amount of gear required for a TSS Photography shoot, using a checklist only makes sense. Peek into the equipment bag of one of our franchisees, and see what’s on the list.


You can’t have a photo shoot without a camera, and inside most TSS Photography gear bags you’ll find a Nikon D7200. This camera is ideal for photographers who find themselves inside a classroom or outside on a cloudy day. As you keep digging, you’ll find an 18-108 mm lens and lens hood to fit. Running out of power in the middle of a shoot is not acceptable, so photographers pack at least two camera batteries and a charger.


The largest section of the checklist is dedicated to supplying exactly the right amount of light. Each photographer needs two heavy-duty light stands and a small light stand to hold the Alien Bee B800 (or equivalent) strobe lights. To sync the lights with the camera, the photographer packs CyberSync transmitters and receivers.

two-sided professional TSS PHotography headshot after their equipment bag is setup with one backdrop in a theater

The job of directing the light falls on two 18-inch silver reflectors with white diffusion socks and one seven-inch silver reflector. One of the most important tools in the bag is the Light Meter with its fully charged battery. Included in the lighting kits, you’ll find an assortment of power cords, extension cords, sync cords, power strips, and power packs.

Tablet Kit

TSS photographers use a software system called PhotoMatch to match images with names and orders during photo shoots. The system requires a tablet kit which includes a fully charged tablet, keyboard, power cord, and tablet stand. To connect it all, they need two D7100/7200 camera USB cables (one is a spare) and a double USB adapter.

Additionally, a scanner is needed for everything to work properly. A backup is always packed in the equipment bag just in case there’s trouble. To keep the whole thing connected, a hot spot router is included in the gear bag.

Showing off the background and light kits for a side-by-side dance school headshot gear setup for TSS Photography

Background and Other Bits

To create a once-in-a-lifetime portrait or headshot, the photographer must have the right background. A 9-by-10-foot white fabric background allows the lighting to make the subject pop. The fabric is held in place by clips on a frame built from stands with crossbars at each location. These materials are found on the equipment bag checklist.

It’s impossible to have a shoot without memory cards. Envelopes and zippered pouches keep those memory cards protected and together in one location. To round out the last of the equipment, photographers need gaffer tape, a tape measure, and a stool. If they allow orders at the time of the shoot, they include registration and ordering tablets as well.

Becoming a Professional

Working as a professional photographer is exciting and new each day, but it takes more than standing in front of someone and snapping a photo. If you’re already a photographer or photography-lover and you’re interested in learning more about how TSS Photography franchise owners make their living, we’re waiting to hear from you. If you’re still not sure but would like more information, download our virtual brochure now.