TSS Photography ranks high in key franchisee satisfaction study

TSS Photography recently participated in an independent franchisee satisfaction survey by giving Franchise Business Review (FBR) unfiltered access to our franchisees. FBR surveys franchisees from hundreds of franchise organizations during this process to study overall satisfaction in eight key areas: training and support; franchise system, leadership, core values, franchise community, self-evaluation, financial opportunity and general satisfaction.  FBR uses this information to create an annual benchmark in these areas. The 2017 benchmarks were a result of surveying 26,880 franchisees across hundreds of franchise organizations.

TSS Photography is proud to have increased our scores in almost every area of Franchise Business Review’s results and to have exceeded the national benchmark in seven of the eight categories* as well as in overall satisfaction.  The overall Franchise Satisfaction Index (FSI) for TSS was 10.65% higher than the 2017 benchmark for the FBR survey.

TSS Photography’s best performance compared to the national benchmark for 2017 was in training and support where we exceeded the benchmark by 22.37%. “This key area is important to the success of any business.  It is also critical to the enjoyment of a franchisee that they feel supported by their franchisor in the work they are doing,” says Alison Counts, Marketing Director for TSS Photography.  Within the area of training and support, TSS also ranked 36.82% higher than the national benchmark in effective use of technology!   “We see a big portion our role as the franchisor is to bring new products, services and processes to the table to help our franchisees be competitive and to continually make improvements in their business,” says Demetri Barges, CIO of TSS Photography.

The graph shows the 2017 TSS FBR scores as they compare to the national benchmarks:

To review the entire franchise satisfaction report for TSS Photography click here.  

*(The only area TSS did not exceed the benchmark was self-evaluation; this is a franchisees evaluation of how they take advantage of what is offered to them by the franchisor.)