Franchise Business Review Names TSS Photography a Top Franchise for Veterans

Two military men running along a gravel road in the country creating imagery that they are running to buy a TSS Photography Franchise named a Top Franchise for Veterans

There are few feelings in the world equal to receiving a pat on the back for a job well-done. Here at TSS Photography, we are both humbled and ecstatic to be honored by Franchise Business Review as a Top Franchise for Veterans in 2017.

“It is truly a distinguished honor to be part of the Top 100 Franchises for Veterans,” said Bo Lewis, photography production manager at TSS Photography and a former U.S. Marine. “Serving those that have served our country is part of the TSS Photography mission.”

Our TSS Photography franchise owners–including military veterans–are among the happiest franchisees in the country. Obviously, you don’t have to take our word for it.

How is a Top Franchise for Veterans Determined?

Franchise Business Review has more than 10 years’ experience evaluating franchisee satisfaction. Michelle Rowan is the president and chief operating officer at  Franchise Business Review. She shares her passion openly for her organizations’ mission with entrepreneurs looking for opportunities.

A franchise must have at least 10 franchisees for evaluation and inclusion in the Franchise Business Review’s research. Evaluation costs nothing to the franchisor or franchisee–and the research isn’t about getting paid for the data.

More than 250 brands were researched with more than 25,000 franchisees surveyed during the research period. A total of 49 questions make up the survey to which franchisees respond.

The first 33 are considered benchmark questions and help to rank financial opportunity, training and support, leadership, operations, core values, and integrity. The final 16 questions discuss market areas, demographics, business lifestyle, franchisee enjoyment in running the business, and the role of the franchisee in the community.

During the survey, veterans are able to self-identify as such. The gathered data allows Franchise Business Review to rank the franchises and pick the Top 100 Franchises for veterans based on owner satisfaction in these key areas.

Who Does the Award Help?

Franchise Business Review is especially interested to learn more about the systems the franchise has in place to support the franchise owners. Moreover, they want to know if they follow the framework once it is put in place.

“You see which businesses are spending money to get attention,” Rowan said. “We’re interested in learning who has a plan to support the franchisees and who is executing on that plan to help make them successful. Those are the franchisees who exhibit the most satisfaction.”

Franchise Business Review’s mission is to help potential franchise candidates understand whether the current owners are happy and making money. Anyone who is thinking of buying any sort of franchise is looking online, searching for reviews, and listening to what current owners are saying.

“We’re trying to help candidates help themselves,” Rowan said. “In truth, we always want potential candidates to have accurate information about how current franchisees feel about their business. We are highlighting the systems who have good programs in place. We are here to help differentiate good candidates from the bad by filtering out the noise of the environment and allow the possible purchaser to vet which process is right for them.”

Learn More About TSS Photography

Interested in reading more about how veterans feel about owning a franchise with TSS Photography? Read our blog, Veterans Plant Their Flag with TSS Photography. Gerald Jordan and Guillermo Palos talk about life with TSS Photography after the military.

Want to know more about buying your own TSS Photography franchise? Don’t wait to contact us! We’re looking forward to hearing from you and answer all of your questions.