Breakthrough Development: Face Finder

Over the last 25 years, processes designed to make workflow easier and more efficient have resulted in significant growth in the photography industry. Possibilities expand even more with Face Finder, TSS Photography’s recent breakthrough development. With this technology, our franchisees’ businesses will be fundamentally better and create an overall greater experience for their customers.

Face Finder uses advanced facial recognition technology on images taken at events
with a large number of attendees. This technology allows our franchisees’ customers to quickly search through all of an event’s images and find any photos they are in. This increases the likelihood of purchasing and the potential number of images they may purchase. Face Finder is incredibly simple to use. Adding it to our business model is a very big deal for franchisees and customers alike!

Here’s how it works:

  • Once a customer finds an image they are in, they’ll click on their face and Face Finder will comb through the rest of the event images
  • Any photos including the customer will quickly load into a gallery
  • The customer will enjoy re-living the event by seeing their photos and memories with friends

This process can be repeated with any subject so this tool will be especially helpful for companies looking to purchase images of all of their employees at an industry event.

This technology is also invaluable to event organizers who want to give their attendees a better photo-viewing experience online. There is no longer a need to hunt or scroll through hundreds, or in some cases, thousands of images!