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Increase Your Photography Business: Buy a Franchise

Set of a school casual photo shoot in the hallway with a prop blackboard and a globe on a desk with a camera and a professional flash

More than 48,000 Americans make their living behind the lens of a camera. Two of those photographers, Victoria Schafer and Tod Cohen, both decided buying a TSS Photography franchise was the best way to invest in their futures.

Before taking the plunge and buying a franchise, Victoria and Tod both worked as experienced portrait photographers.…

Picture Day in the Palm of Your Hand

When we think of large volume Picture Day ordering for school portraits or sports leagues, we traditionally think of paperwork and the hassle of collecting money from parents. This process can be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming for school administrators and coaching staff.…

Owning a Business and Changing Diapers: A Mom Who Does It All

Trees and fall leaves with a family of five standing in front. Two six year old twins, a baby, mom and dad.

Owning a small business takes dedication and sacrifice. Long hours and client deadlines help people to learn if they have what it takes to create a sustainable work-life balance. Can you handle organization and paying business bills, while also scheduling meetings and hashing out contracts?…

Entrepreneurs in Action: Buying a Photography Franchise

Up close shot of a camera lens supporting the photography theme of the blog

Starting a business from scratch is hard work and is intimidating to most people. With TSS Photography, you receive a top-quality education, support, and service when you buy a franchise.

TSS Photography franchise owners, Steve Sindell and Joan Hollander, know the struggle of running a business.…

Breakthrough Development: Face Finder

Over the last 25 years, processes designed to make workflow easier and more efficient have resulted in significant growth in the photography industry. Possibilities expand even more with Face Finder, TSS Photography’s recent breakthrough development. With this technology, our franchisees’ businesses will be fundamentally better and create an overall greater experience for their customers.…

Veterans Plant their Flag with Photography

Man shaking out an American flag to celebrate Veterans with the sun and sky behind him while he's in shadow

Owning a TSS Photography franchise is perfect for these veterans.

Two men – Gerald Jordan of Florida and Guillermo Palos of California – each own a TSS Photography franchise. That’s not all they have in common – they are also both military veterans.…