Be Part of the Club with TSS Photography

The President's Club hotel vacation resort in the Bahamas, showing the lagoon and the island with hills, trees and magical looking blue water

One of the unique perks of owning a franchise with TSS Photography is the opportunity to become part of the President’s Club. As a reward for their hard work, the franchise owners who are named as part of the club are awarded an all-expenses-paid vacation to somewhere tropical during the cold weather season.

You didn’t read that wrong. The franchisors take their elite franchise owners on a three-day beach resort vacation. For instance, this year the whole club took off to the Bahamas.

Want to learn more about what it takes to be inducted into the President’s Club? Check out “The President’s Club: TSS Photography Rewards Top Franchise Owners and you’ll find more details.

Both the franchisees and the franchisors enjoy getting to spend the time together simply having fun and enjoying a relaxing atmosphere.

“While there are other incentive programs and a volume rebate system, the President’s Club trip is an enjoyable way to honor those franchisees who are high achievers,” Alison Counts, vice president of franchising and marketing director at TSS Photography, said. “It helps to bring people together and allows us to enjoy just getting to know each other in a social atmosphere. It helps to forge and keep friendships among our hardest working folks.”

The 2019 Trip

The flights from each of the club member’s home airports took off early on Monday morning and then delivered them to the sand and sun of the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas.

The trip is considered a gift, and as such, it’s an actual vacation and not a work trip. The franchisees are not expected to work at all while there.  There are no required activities, but a few group activities are planned for the group to get together and enjoy fellowship. The closeness and friendships built on the trip are two of the most mentioned experiences among the franchise owners after each trip.

The whole President's Club meeting to go to dinner dressed nice and smiling.

The Atlantis resort was all-inclusive and provided entertainment opportunities for everyone, no matter what their usual vacation plan included.

The water and sand of the beach drew many of the franchise owners to relax and read. At other times, a different source of water drew them close. The pool and the water features, like the slides and the lazy river, brought people together and the group found themselves meeting up by coincidence there.

Additional water activities could be found at a nearby lagoon where people could rent boats and cruise around or go snorkeling. While enjoying the snorkeling, one franchisee saw an array of fish so massive he couldn’t begin to describe it. He also saw stingrays swimming around in their comfortable habitat.

You didn’t have to go snorkeling to see incredible examples of underwater life. Within the resort boundaries, there is an aquarium where a person can walk through a tunnel beneath the pool and feel like they are within the watery habitat without ever getting wet.

When all the fun in the sun got to be too much, there were plenty of friendly faces franchisees could bump into in the casino or friends with which to plan a leisurely lunch. There were even scheduled comedy shows and other events at different venues around the resort.

Repeatedly, the franchise owners said their favorite part of the trip was the chartered sailboat which took the whole group on a sunset cruise around the island. With a few light refreshments and astonishing views across the water, the stage was set for fellowship among friends who understand each other in a way only coworkers devoted to similar projects can.

The trip ended with everyone flying home on Thursday, a little worn out but full of good memories and a little color on their skin.

The Franchisees Talk About Their Experience

Are you interested in learning more about this incredible trip? If someone were to start their own franchise, the opportunity for a trip could be closer than you might imagine. At least one spot in the President’s Club is reserved for the top rookie franchisee each year.

Hear what some of the franchise owners had to say about the trip!

Rachel Sherman

I loved that when they planned the trip and the hotel they snagged a club level room for us to use as a communal space. We were able to stop by and find other people no matter what plans anyone had.

They really went above and beyond with the first-class style treatment. The cruise and the group dinners were incredible. It makes you feel like so much more than just a customer among the people working with them.

I feel like it’s kind of like a family reunion every year on the trip. I look forward to seeing the people who regularly are a part of the group, but it’s so great to see the new faces. It’s wonderful to know that no matter who shows up on the trip, they are there because they are serious about the work we do.

Tod Cohen

The whole trip was incredibly relaxing, but the highlight was the sunset cruise on the boat. We truly were able to see the island from a different perspective. It’s an incredibly generous gift the company provided for the top people and it is always a relaxing experience.

I think the President’s Club is a way of acknowledging one of the ways we work hard to grow our businesses, not just in sales, but in commitment. It shows they are committed to working with us like we’re committed to working with them.

Lindsay Verdun

The trip gives us a chance to relax and rejuvenate. We’re able to get to know lots of other people who are dedicated to growing their business like we are. We love the relationships, it’s really what makes everything in this business work.

My goal isn’t ever to “get to President’s Club.” Our goal is to make our business work for us and grow. We need it to be profitable and we love being able to be caring to our customers. We’re proud of being a part of being here to serve our community and providing them with these memories.

The trip, as a thank you for being part of the President’s Club is wonderful, but it isn’t what motivates us. Our business and our mission drive us. The trip and the Club are wonderful parts of where we’re seeing our business grow.

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