Picture Day in the Palm of Your Hand

When we think of large volume Picture Day ordering for school portraits or sports leagues, we traditionally think of paperwork and the hassle of collecting money from parents. This process can be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming for school administrators and coaching staff. Now there is a better way! With TSS’ exclusive mobile-optimized ordering system, we’ve made ordering via smartphone easy and convenient.

This new feature can:TSS Mobile Ordering

  • Reduce paper forms distributed
  • Speed delivery times to customers
  • Reduce wait times at photo shoots
  • Eliminate errors — which may occur from trying to decipher handwritten forms

Not to mention our website is secure and fully PCI compliant, so customers can rest easy knowing their information is safe. Mobile ordering with TSS keeps the payment data in the hands of the customer and off of paper forms. With this streamlined process, we are able to maximize the use of our photographer’s time and increase their sales from photo shoots!

This service can be used in conjunction with:

  • Traditional prepay events — maintain the traditional order first process but do away with the pain of collecting and keeping track of cash, checks, and envelopes
  • View First picture day — allow the customer to select multiple images and packages

Plus, this service is perfect for customer reorders. The customer can use their mobile device to order more photos at their convenience, freeing up your staff’s phone time and leading to increased customer satisfaction!

No doubt, this mobile ordering process is efficient and effective for not only parents and business, but for school staff and coaches. Those “gatekeepers” are going to be more interested in working with you, over the many other photographers that may be available to choose from, if you give them the tools to make Picture Days less stressful and highly successful!